Application Note 1011: Quick Installation guide for the OpenLM license management system.

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Step 1: Installation

The OpenLM System components are available for download on the OpenLM site. After filling in your name and email, you would be directed to the download section. Select the OpenLM Version 1.7 section:

And start by downloading the server:

When downloading is complete, double click the downloaded *.msi file and follow the standard installation instructions.

Step 2: Configuring License Servers

By the end of the installation process, The OpenLM Server configuration window appears.

1. Add in your license servers:

  • Click the ‘Add’ button,

  • Type in the License server’s host name or IP (e.g. lm10) and Port number (e.g. 27000)

  • Select the new License server’s type (e.g. FlexLM)

  • Type in an informative name (e.g. “lm10 – ArcGis server”)

  • Select the license server’s time zone (e.g. UTC+1)

The image below demonstrates a configuration of four license servers.

2. Select a license server and click the check button in order to ensure that OpenLM can retrieve information from that license server.

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for all license servers.

4. Click ‘Apply’ and close the configuration window. Changes and additional configurations can be made at any stage in the OpenLM Server configuration window.

You can find it on

Windows’ Start button → All Programs → OpenLM → Server → OpenLM Server Configuration

Step 3: The EasyAdmin Interface

The EasyAdmin web application is the main OpenLM users interface.
You can find it on:
Windows’ Start button → All Programs → OpenLM → OpenLM EasyAdmin2.

The OpenLM EasyAdmin opens. Click the start EasyAdmin start button to explore this application’s features.


The image above is an example of an EasyAdmin workspace. It features Administrative tools, License data, License usage data, Graphic usage representation, Roles and permissions’ assignment, and Active Agent capabilities.


You now have an up and running OpenLM system.

For further information regarding the installation and preliminary configuration of the OpenLM system components, please refer to the “Application Note 1010: OpenLM license management system Complete Installation guide” document.

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