OpenLM Maintenance Release Version


Version is a maintenance release to version 1.7. It contains some bug fixes to problems found in previous versions. We  recommend that users to whom these problems may be relevant to upgrade their system to this version.


In order to upgrade to version
1. Backup your DB file (Typically located in: C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\db)
2. Stop the OpenLM Server service
3. Make sure ALL windows are closed; especially the services window.
4. Install the new version on top of the existing one.

What’s new in version (and its close predecessors)?

OpenLM Server:

1. Fixed Reprise RLM license manager issue #515: No active users (v1.7.3.2).
2. Fixed Sentinel RMS token counting issue #511 (v1.7.3.1)
3. Fixed LM-X version parsing issue (v1.7.3.0)
4. Changed the registration link to the new from (v1.7.3.0).
5. Fixed HASP issues #495 & #496 (v1.7.3.0)
6. Changed license matching for Monitored Processes (v1.7.3.0)
7. Fix RLM date parsing.  (v1.7.2.9)
8. Add debug info for suspend/resume. (v1.7.2.9)

Application Note 1030: OpenLM license usage monitoring according to projects – v1.8.


OpenLM is able to record information about the usage of various licenses and allocate them to different company projects. This ability facilitates license allocation according to organizational projects, and can also serve as a mean to effectively charge-back license usage expenses according to these projects.

This ability complements OpenLM’s license monitoring capabilities; integrating license usage optimization with Active directory synchronization, Project assignment, and monitoring a variety of  license managers such as FlexLM (Flexnet), Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, RLM, DSLS, LM-X, IBM LUM, and MathLM.


The Project license usage recording capability is available for OpenLM from version 1.6 onwards. In the 1.8 version, some modifications have been made:

  • The configuration of Project monitoring was shifted from the OpenLM Server configuration tool to the EasyAdmin web application.

  • Administrative capabilities have been added, such as Enabling / Disabling a project, assigning it a priority and expected duration, and marking the project’s completeness percentage.

  • Projects can now be assigned to user groups (not just to individual users), and

  • Projects can be introduced by end-users via the OpenLM Agent module.

This Application Note describes the feature as implemented in the 1.8 version.

Project usage reporting

The Project usage reporting is available on the EasyAdmin web interface. Click OpenLM Start → Resports → Project usage in order to see the report. Set the filtering options on the left-hand side of the screen, and click the ‘Apply’ button in order to run the usage query. It is also possible to view the report in a chart format, or extract the information to a CSV file (green arrow icon at the bottom) and manipulate it on a spreadsheet software.

However, before having any information to report – it is necessary to set up the projects. Please follow the section below in order to do so.

Projects Settings

The “Projects Settings” screen defines the policy of the Project usage monitoring capability. In order to open it, click the OpenLM ‘Start’ button → ‘Administration’ → ‘Projects’ icon.


1. Projects’ information logging requires the installation of the OpenLM Agent (Either Active Agent or Utilizer Agent) on the end-users’ workstations.

2. When the OpenLM server is configured to employ user permissions, access to this window requires administrative privileges.

The ‘Projects’ window appears:


The project configuration window was moved in OpenLM version 1.8 to EasyAdmin (under the Administration menu. Following is an account of its different configuration objects:

Log Projects Information

Check the Log projects information checkbox to start recording license usage information according to projects’ allocation.

Minimal Usage Duration for Project

This setting defines the shortest duration for logging purposes. Shorter periods would be merged together to form significant usage periods. For example, if the minimal duration is set to 5 minutes, and a user has opened the application for only 3 minutes, this usage period will not be accumulated to the current session, but rather merged with the following session.

Agent’s Behavior Settings

These settings define what the end-users will see on their workstations if they work on more than one project for their organization. If the workers are only allocated to one project in EasyAdmin then OpenLM will log their license usage without the need to take any action when the software is started. If the users work on more than one project then a dialog box will appear on their screen prompting them to select the current project.

Hide projects option from menu

Deny users the ability to determine the name of the project on which they’re working.

Projects window fades away after

OpenLM enables users to ignore the project dialog box by having it fade away after a predefined number of seconds. The Projects window fades away after setting defines the number of seconds after which it becomes invisible.

Allow creation of projects in Agent

This option has been introduced in the OpenLM 1.8 version.

The OpenLM project management module facilitates project creation via the OpenLM Agent. Check this box to enable this option, thus adding the “Create New Project” menu item in the OpenLM Agent interface (see image below).

When an end-user selects this option, the “Create new Project” window opens. The user then could create new projects and associate themselves to them.

Modification of these projects will be possible in EasyAdmin only. The origin of creation of the project will be apparent in the EasyAdmin Projects list window.

Show unassigned projects

By default, users can only see projects they are assigned to in the Agent → Set Active Project menu option. Checking this box will produce a list that contains all enabled projects in the system and the user will be able to select any project from this list. This option has been introduced in the OpenLM 1.8 version.

Support Environment Variable

The LM_PROJECT env. variable support is a backward-compatibility option, that supports this variable for registering projects. The variable is defined separately for each workstation, so there is no option of overriding its value between users.

The environment variable option is disabled by default. It is recommended to use the OpenLM supplied solution, unless backward support of the environment variable option is required.

The “Add unknown project” option presents an administrative filter for project names that are unknown to the OpenLM server:

  • Checked: The unknown project will be set and added to the list of projects.

  • Unchecked (default): The unknown project will not be set.

Selecting the active project

When logging of project information is enabled (see above), work hours need to be assigned to a specific project. When there is only one project – that project will automatically be assigned all the working hours. When there are more than one project – it is up to the end users to report on what project they are currently working.

1. One option for the end user to set the Active project is to right-click the Agent icon, and select the “Set Active Project” option.

2. Another option for setting the Active project is by a pop-up window. The appearance of this pop-up is configurable by options in the ‘Projects’ window, which was mentioned above.

Display at license retrieval

The default option is to prompt the worker to select the project when retrieving a license. This is a very useful way to ensure accurate logging of the project information, therefore the recommended setting is to leave the checkbox turned on.

Display periodically every

Users may start to work on one project, and then switch to a different one, without changing the Active Project setting. If this checkbox is ticked, a dialog box will pop up in a predefined time interval, according to the number of minutes set by the user.

Project creation in EasyAdmin

In the previous section, we have seen the mathod for creating project via the Agent. Projects can also be created via the EasyAdmin “Add project” window.  

In the “Project details” tab, the Administrator can set up the following characteristics:

  • Project name

  • Start and End time for the project

  • Number of working hours allocated to this project

  • The project’s priority, and

  • The project’s completeness percentage.

Users and user groups may be assigned to the project upon its creation, via the ‘Users’ and ‘Groups’ tabs. After configuring these items, click the ‘Save’ button.

Editing existing projects

The new project would be apparent in the Projects list window. In order to access this window, Click the EasyAdmin Start button → Users and Permissions → Project List.

This window presents options to create new projects, as well as to delete or edit existing ones. It is split to two panes:

  • The left pane serves as a filter for projects to be shown on the list on the right pane.

    • The Priority drop-down list presents Low / Medium / High priority levels.

    • “Created in” marks whether the project was created by the Agent or via the EasyAdmin window: Admin / Agent

  • The right pane consists of a list of the existing projects, and an action bar at the top.  Click the top bar icons to add a new project, delete a selected project, Edit a selected project’s properties, Enable or Disable a selected project.

Attaching users and user groups to the project

After creating a project, it is time to bind users or user groups to the different projects, according to organizational preferences. In order to do so, select the target project, and select the Users or Groups tab in the ‘Add project’ window. Then select the User or Group that would be attached to the project, and click the ‘Add’ button.

Appendix A: Projects information logging in v1.7

This application note relates to the OpenLM 1.8 version. As stated in the scope of this document, most Projects information logging capabilities are already existent in the 1.7 version. The main change of interface is due to the shift of the configuration from the OpenLM Server configuration tool to the EasyAdmin web application. Below is a screenshot of the 1.7 Projects setting tab on the OpenLM Server configuration tool for comparison.

Where can I download Sentinel HASP and Sentinel RMS license managers ?

The Sentinel HASP and Sentinel RMS license management tools may be downloaded from the Products section on Safenet’s web site, under the “Licensing and Management” title.

The OpenLM server seamlessly interfaces both tools, in order to extract comprehensive license statistics reports.

Application Note 1001_b: Configuring OpenLM to interface the Sentinel RMS license manager


OpenLM supports the monitoring of a wide variety of license managers such as Flexera FlexLM ( Flexnet ), Beta LM, IBM LUM, DSLS, Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, RLM, and LM-X. This application note elaborates the steps required to configure OpenLM to interface the Sentinel RMS License Manager, and obtain reliable license reports and usage statistics.

Enabling the OpenLM server to work with RMS

In order to configure OpenLM to work with  Sentinel RMS, please follow this procedure:
1. Download lsmon.exe and lsapiw32.dll . These files aren’t included in the OpenLM installation package. For information on how to obtain these files, please contact OpenLM on
2. Copy these files to “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\LM”
3. Enter the OpenLM Server Configuration Form. Select the LM Tools tab → RMS.
4. Type in the full path of the executable file, i.e.:  “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\LM\lsmon.exe” in the “RMS executable file” text box.

See the following image for further clarification:

Introducing a new Sentinel RMS server

After configuring the OpenLM configuration tool to work with Sentinel RMS as elaborated above, the user may introduce an new  Sentinel RMS server under the License Servers tab:
1. Select the “License Servers” tab.
2. Select the RMS type from the “Type” dropdown list.
3. Type in a meaningful description in the “Description” text box.
4. Type in the appropriate “Hostname” and “Port” numbers. The Sentinel RMS default port is 5093.
5. Check the “Enabled” check box.
6. Click the “Apply” button. The  Sentinel RMS server is now ready to interface the OpenLM.

OpenLM Broker configuration for RMS

The OpenLM Broker is an optional though highly recommended component, that should be installed and configured on the RMS license manager machine. It provides accurate license statistics, and facilitates communication between the OpenLM Server and the License manager.

First, download and install the latest OpenLM Broker version. Follow the installation and configuration instructions on the OpenLM Broker configuration Application Note.

In the License server port dialog, select the RMS license manager type from the ‘Type’ dropdown list.
In the port’s Commands list make sure the ‘status’ command is
lsmon <License Server Name>

Document Revision Table

Version Author Date Changes
0.1 Orik May1, 2012 Preliminary
1.0 Orik Jun3, 2012 Revised.
1.1 Orik Jun6, 2012 Added Broker


OpenLM Software University Program

OpenLM is a worldwide operating software specialist for management and monitoring of network licenses (floating, concurrent user, token based) utilization. OpenLM’s Software provides a comprehensive management solution for license management software such as FLEXlm, FLEXnet, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, RLM, IBM LUM DSLS and LM-X.

Universities naturally hold an extensive profile of licensed software applications, a vast population of users set in various groups, and different levels of license usage permissions. Handling a database of this magnitude and complexity is a real challenge.

This is where OpenLM’s benefits show. OpenLM eases the management of diverse license databases, and introduces the option for cost allocation per usage for software licenses, thus reducing usage costs considerably, and minimizing the need for further license acquisition.

In order to improve OpenLM’s cooperation with universities, OpenLM has introduced its new university program. This program provides a professional solution for universities to manage and monitor the utilization of software products like CAD, CAE, Software Engineering and GIS. The program’s pricing scheme takes the universities’ financial considerations into account.

We are convinced that the apparent assets that the OpenLM software brings to license management would be highly appreciated by Universities, and that these benefits would be embraced by faculties such as Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Aerodynamics, etc), Physics, Informatics, Architecture and Geo-sciences. OpenLM has been known to improve the utilization of prominent licensed application such as  Autodesk Autocad, ESRI ArcGIS, MATLAB, PTC and CATIA by as much as 30%.

Universities and departments that are interested in this program should contact OpenLM through


Q&A guide for OpenLM (FAQ)

OpenLM Version 1.6 – What is new in details

OpenLM Version 1.6 – What is new in details

Version 1.6 of OpenLM is a major release with overall improvements in many aspects of the software. This document provides an overview of the new and improved functionality of in OpenLM software.

Support for additional license managers

OpenLM now supports many more license managers:
FLEXlm (FLEXnet)
Sentinel RMS
Sentinel HASP

The support level for each license manager vary but the basic functionality is supported for all license managers.

Support for different sample intervals for each license server

System administrator can now add license managers with different license sampling interval. Sampling interval is set in seconds and provides more functionality in the system configuration.

Halting/Starting license servers

A Halt/Start button for license servers was added to the license servers screen. This ability allows system administrators to temporally halt a server sampling without removing the server from the server list.

System settings were moved to OpenLM DB

By moving the system settings into the database OpenLM allows system administrators to easily move the system from one server to another without losing the system settings. Moving or duplicating the system to another server now involves a configuration of the DB connection which is done by using the new DB configuration tool.

Exporting and Importing OpenLM Server configuration

OpenLM Server configuration tool also allows system managers to export OpenLM Server settings to XML file. The settings can also be easily imported into another installation of OpenLM.

This functionality allows system administrators to easily build and configure OpenLM Servers for testing.

Integrated authorization and role based security was added to OpenLM

A new extension to OpenLM Software now adds the following functionality:
Authorization –  Users logging into EasyAdmin need to provide a username and password.
Role based permissions – A specific set of permissions can be assigned to roles.

The new functionality allows organization to grant different access levels  to OpenLM EasyAdmin, according to the user role. For example, a dedicated role can be created to helpdesk users. Helpdesk users will be able to access limited functionality that will allow them to assist floating license users.

The new extension allows the creation of very granular set of permission for each role. The permission starts at the level of logging, tabs, and all the way to fields and buttons.

Access permissions can also be granted to specific license managers. This way, limited access can be granted to local system managers or to power users.

Compliance with the German privacy laws

OpenLM is now compatible with the German privacy laws. When set, OpenLM won’t save user names for sessions. Even when German privacy laws are set, the system is still able to collect usage information for Groups and Projects.

OpenLM Server Configuration form also allows system administrators to “Fix” this setting. After fixing this option a future change of this setting will not be possible from the server configuration form.

Support for usernames with spaces

OpenLM now supports usernames with spaces, for example: “Jack Smith”. This is not a common methodology to use spaces in usernames but it’s supported by Microsoft.

Note: This option works only when Active directory synchronization is enabled.

Managing FLEXlm Option files from EasyAdmin Interface

OpenLM now allows users to edit their FLEXlm option file interface directly from OpenLM EasyAdmin interface. This revolutionary functionality creates integration between OpenLM and Active Directory (LDAP). Users can synchronize groups of users with Active Directory, set the desired limits in EasyAdmin and save the changes to their FLEXlm option file. All this can be done without accessing the server and without editing a single line in the option file.

FLEXlm users that maintained OpenLM in the past know what a tedious task it is to maintain such a file. OpenLM now provides a menu driven interface that can save organizations expensive work hours and a better usage of the available options.

Support for multiple domain in OpenLM Active Directory integration.

OpenLM is now able to synchronize Users and Groups with multiple domains. This provides better support for international organizations and complex LDAP forests.

We have also added the ability to limit synchronized users to the ones that use licenses. This important for large organization that has many users listed in AD.

Another group synchronization method was added, “Fixed”. This method is very useful for organizations with large AD forests (International companies with subsidiaries, for example).

More effective Active Directory (LDAP) synchronization

The synchronization process between OpenLM and Active Directory (LDAP) is much more effective. It now supports huge domains that keeps a 6 digits number of objects.

Controlling the frequency of notification from OpenLM Server

OpenLM Server now allows system administrators to limit the number of alerts they get when new version of OpenLM are available.

The user can now select one of these options: Once, Twice or Weekly frequency.

An enhanced menu for the configuration of license manager tools

OpenLM now provides and enhanced and easy to use configuration menu for license managers tools and settings.

User, Groups and Project management functionality is now available in EasyAdmin

Until version 1.6 the management of Users, Groups and Projects was done by using OpenLM Users Management software. In version 1.6 we moved this functionality to OpenLM EasyAdmin.

EasyAdmin interface is faster and integrated with the main interface that OpenLM provides.

Many additional conditions were added to OpenLM Alerts

OpenLM Alert is an extension to OpenLM that was first  declared in version 1.5.4 of OpenLM. This module allows system administrators to define conditions and receive notification when these conditions are met.

For example, one can define a condition that checks if license usage rate is above a certain threshold. The notification can be written to OpenLM EasyAdmin Alerts window, email addresses, mobile phones by SMS or to the server event log.

Sending times of the alert can be limited by date and time using a sophisticated but friendly configuration tool.

The conditions available in version 1.6 of OpenLM Alerts:

  • Feature Threshold.
  • Duplicate license in use.
  • OpenLM Server Down.
  • Feature expiration.
  • License server is down.
  • Users without default group.
  • Users without default project.

EasyAdmin quick charts for license denials

Quick charts tool was added to license denial tab. It allows the user to immediately generate charts, using the license denial information. The module supports any of the columns and three types of charts: line, bar or column.

The ability to chart the the license usage information in EasyAdmin provides a valuable tool to understanding the license usage.

EasyAdmin interface to manage packages and products names

In older versions of OpenLM packages and products name were managed in XML files. End users were able to edit these files in order to add packages or new products. Version 1.6 of OpenLM features a new menu driven interface integrated into OpenLM EasyAdmin ->Control Panel tab.

Integration of detailed user information in EasyAdmin

OpenLM now integrates detailed user information. The first name and last name columns can be added to most tabs.

This image shows how these fields are integrated in EasyAdmin->License TAB

EasyAdmin users can also click the user name and get additional user information:

Better Performance and improvements in EasyAdmin

OpenLM EasyAdmin performance is highly improved compared to version 1.5.6. Performance improvements include: better date retrieval time, faster queries and more.

OpenLM Server performance improvement

OpenLM server has undergone through a major performance tuning process. New algorithms were implemented and every DB query was tuned. The result is a very significant improvement in EasyAdmin performance. Many more license servers can be monitored while lowering the load on the server.

OpenLM Broker – new interface. New possibilities

OpenLM Broker is component we recommend to install on each monitored server. In older versions its functionality was limited to reading the FLEXlm debug log files and to sending usage information to OpenLM Server.

In version 1.6 OpenLM Broker is closely integrated into OpenLM Server and provides a wide range of services to the system.

The system now supports the following functionality:

  1. All FLEXlm commands such as: Starting, Stopping, Rereading and more.
  2. Fully controlling the FLEXlm option file.
  3. Reading log files.
  4. Support for multiple license servers (IBM LUM, Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, RLM and more)

OpenLM Broker is a Java software, and as such, it can run on any platform running a supported license manager (Windows, Linux, UNIX or MAC OS). Previous version also required .NET Framework for the installation stage. This version is fully implemented using Java, including the software installer.

The setup of the the new version is easier. It also features an automatic license recognition system that saves administration time.

A graphical redesign of the software

The software also features a new design and graphics. New 3D icons are integrated and the software forms look better.

OpenLM Agent – General improvements and a better license status Window

OpenLM License Usage Information window now supports sorting according to each of the grid columns. The information can be sorted by each of the column.

General improvement to OpenLM Agent: graphics, functionality and security compatibility with Windows UAC (User Account Control).

OpenLM Software is now digitally signed

All OpenLM software files are digitally signed by Comodo. This provides a better security when implementing OpenLM Software in organizations.

New EasyAdmin Window – Feature Usage Status

The new Feature Usage Status window allows system administrator to select a set of important features and monitor them. The new window provides a quick view for the selected features with links to charts for immediate charting.

OpenLM Timeout support for Autodesk Software

OpenLM for Autodesk now supports OpenLM timeout functionality for Autodesk software such as: AutoCad, AutoCAD Archiecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD MAP 3D, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD Navisworks, AutoCAD Revit and more.

Previous versions of OpenLM provided this functionality to ESRI ArcGIS Desktop products such as ArcInfo, AecEditor and ArcView. The implementation of OpenLM timeout functionality in ESRI sites provided at least 40% more usage from same amount of licenses, a very significant saving.

This functionality is now available to organizations using Autodesk software.

Delcam switches from FLEXlm (Flexera FLEXnet) licensing to SafeNet Sentinel RMS – OpenLM can make the switch easier

Delcam is a UK based software vendor that produces CAD/CAM solutions for manufacturing industry. Delcam provides software that helps companies to take a complex-shaped products from concept to reality.

On September 2010 Delcam announced that FLEXlm licensing won’t be supported in all Delcam’s 2011 series products: “FLEXlm network licensing is no longer supported by Delcam so all 2011 series products will now use Sentinel RMS network licensing. If you are a FLEXlm licence customer, please contact your local Delcam Sales Partner to request your new Sentinel RMS license before downloading FeatureCAM 2011.”

Delcam also explains that the new “RMS Network” can emulate FLEXlm environment and this helps to reduce the implementation costs. OpenLM Utilizer software version 1.6 and higher supports FLEXlm and Sentinel RMS alongside with other license managers like: IBM LUM, RLM and more. Users of OpenLM Software can switch between the license managers easily while preserving all the functionality related to license management:

  • Same management tools for system administrators.
  • Same end user interface.
  • Same reporting and charting interface (FLEXlm, FLEXnet, Sentinel RMS)
  • Same support level for license usage billing between cost centers.
  • Etc…

For more information about OpenLM Software please see: –

For more information on the Sentinel RMS Network Licence see:-