OpenLM Broker Configuration on Windows XP

The use of Windows XP as an operating system  for FLEXlm license servers is very popular in organizations. It allows the reuse of existing OS licenses and provides the needed functionality.

OpenLM Broker is an optional but highly recommended component that can be installed on the license server. It supports any operating system that supports JAVA. On Windows it’s implemented as a service. The OpenLM Broker provides advanced functionality to FLEXlm and other supported license managers such as IBM LUM, Sentinel RMS, Sentinal HASP and others.

When logging out of Windows XP the operating system it sends the SIGHUP signal. The SUN JVM interprets it as a shut down command and closes the java.exe process that serves OpenLM broker.

This behavior on Windows XP  is causes the Java process to die away when the user is logging out of the XP based license server.

The solution is simple, add the -Xrs flag to the the Broker startup command.

open the registry editor,
go to key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\OpenLM Broker\Parameters
modify the “Application” value to :
“C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/bin/java.exe” -Xrs -jar “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Broker/OpenLMBroker.jar”  start “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Broker/broker.xml”

This issue is solved in version of OpenLM Broker.

OpenLM Version – Maintenance release

Version is a small maintenance release fixing small problems found by our customers that upgraded to version 1.6. We recommend all users of version 1.6. to upgrade their system to this version simply by installing it on-top of their existing version.

What is included in version

OpenLM EasyAdmin – IP Address was added to Active Products & License Activity tabs.
OpenLM Easyadmin – Fixed problem of loosing task bar on re-size.
OpenLM Easyadmin – Added v-scroll for Groups/Projects in user form.
OpenLM Easyadmin – Allowing multi-selection in projects form (when used in search mode).
OpenLM Easyadmin – users search is also searching on first/last name.
Install Process – Setup process made simple by removing external DB configuration from install.
OpenLM Server Configuration Form – Allow users to activate authentication and set admin password.
OpenLM Server Configuration Form – Make server monitoring stop/start icons clearer.
OpenLM Server – Update lmutil to version 11.9.1.
OpenLM Agent – Fix ‘Run As’ message for pre-vista users (Windows Server 2003, Windows XP).

OpenLM Broker –

Two version of OpenLM Broker are now available for download:
– OpenLM Broker for Windows
– OpenLM Broker for Unix/Linux

  • The updated version contains the following improvements:
  • Add status and data_inquery command for IBM LUM.
  • Add FLEXlm lmutil.exe and IBM LUM i4blt to setup.
  • Set data_inquiry to be periodic.
  • Changing logging level does not require restart.
  • Adding restart to UI.

Mac OS X – changing hostname is causing FLEXlm error

Using Mac OS X, the hostname of the workstation is changing depending on the network connection status. When disconnected from the network such a workstation will report the hostname as mac1.local, instead of the actual hostname.

This behavior is causing problems when such a workstation is also the FLEXlm server. When disconnected from the network the server the name is changing, causing a FLEXlm error. The license can not be used on the local workstation running FLEXlm.

This problem and a simple solution is reported on Deelip Menezes interesting Blog.

The most simple solution is to use as a hostname. If the license is only used on that workstation, it is a good solution.

If the license is also used by other users then we recommend to install the license on another machine on the network. In that case, the MAC OS machine can borrow the license when it needs to disconnect from the network.

Autodesk announced few month ago on the support of Autodesk on Mac. Autodesk is joining other companies such as Siemens that already supports this operating system. As the use of FLEXlm licensed systems on Mac OS extends the need to solve this problem becomes more important.

OpenLM Version – Maintenance release

Version is a small maintenance release fixing small problems found by our customers that upgraded to version 1.6. We recommend all users of version 1.6. to upgrade their system to this version simply by installing it on-top of their existing version.

What is included in version

Easyadmin – fix filter for License Activity/Released Licenses TABS (not working for lists criteria).
Easyadmin – fix multi line charts legend.
Easyadmin – fix loading saved query for license usage report when server or vendor are empty.
OpenLM Server – RMS – read license version. fix expiration date conversion to UTC.
OpenLM Broker – IBM LUM – status command – fix syntax in data_inquiry.
OpenLM Broker – Supporting periodic mode for data_inquery.
OpenLM Broker – Logging level – add to the broker UI and read more dynamically.
OpenLM Broker – Add restrat button to UI..
OpenLM Broker – Advanced setting, add path to i4blt and imutil.

OpenLM Version – Maintenance release

Version is a small maintenance release fixing small problems found by our customers that upgraded to version 1.6. We recommend all users of version 1.6.0 to upgrade their system to this version simply by installing it on-top of their existing version.
What is included in version

  1. Broker LED – Fix bug that caused the led to show as red even when information is sent from OpenLM Broker.
  2. DB – Fix SQL Server script error running on SQL Server 2005.
  3. DB – Fix upgrade scripts when updating admin user as existing user.
  4. Fix SQLServer script – remove identity form OLM_CONFIG_AD_DOMAINS.

Serve OpenLM EasyAdmin using Microsoft IIS 6

Serve OpenLM EasyAdmin using Microsoft IIS 6

OpenLM Software is delivered with a built-in web server that starts as a service. Users can continue and use the built-in web server or use a standard web server such as Microsoft IIS 6.
These guide explains how to configure OpenLM EasyAdmin to work with Microsoft IIS 6.

1. Create easyadmin site in IIS

Open “Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Internet Information Services”
Right-Click “Default Web Site” and select “New–>Virtual Directory…”:
Press “Next” on the wizard:
For Alias use “easyadmin” and press “Next”:
Set directory to easyadmin path, typically “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\WebApps\EasyAdmin2” and press “Next”:
Add “Execute (such as ISAPI applications or CGI)” to the allowed access permissions and press “Next”:
Click “Finish”:

2. Config easy admin to use proxy.exe

Navigate to easyadmin directory, typically: “C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\WebApps\EasyAdmin2”
Edit file “Config.js” and change “proxy.cgi” to “proxy.exe” as seen here:

3. Delete old log files

The log files are located in %ALLUSERSPROFILES%\Application Data\OpenLM\openlm_proxy.log (typically “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OpenLM\openlm_proxy.log”)

4. Check that easyadmin is working

Open web browser and browse http://<web server>/easyadmin/index.html

Additional steps necessary for Windows 2003 Server (after creating the virtual directory)

Right-click the new “easyadmin” virtual directory and select “Properties”:

At the properties form click “Configuration…” button:

Click “Add…”:

At “Add/Edit Application Extension Mapping” click “Browse…” and navigate to “cgi-bin” directory (Typically in C:\Program Files\OpenLM\OpenLM Server\WebApps\EasyAdmin2\cgi-bin)

Change filter type to “CGI exe files (*.exe) and select “proxy.exe”

You need to add double quotes to the file path and set “exe” as Extension

Click “OK”.

Navigate to “Web Service Extensions”, select “All Unknown CGI Extensions” and click “Allow”:

Q&A guide for OpenLM (FAQ)

OpenLM Version – Maintenance release

Version is a small maintenance release fixing small problem found by our customers that upgraded to version 1.6. We recommend all users of version 1.6.0 to upgrade their system to this version simply by installing it on-top of their existing version.

What is included in version

  1. Fixed a  problem with HASP date.
  2. Active Directory syncronization doesn’t synchronize disabled users now.
  3. Narrowing license output chart when the date overlaps from one month to another.
  4. Report Tab clear filter does not clear all fields.
  5. Fixed OpenLM Broker configuration tool startup script for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.
  6. OpenLM Broker – when adding a new port, the default configuration will be “Periodic”.
  7. Fix OpenLM Broker installation problem when Java does not exist.
  8. Easyadmin Control Panel – Feature usage status window – make numeric columns sortable.
  9. OpenLM Agent install error on pre-vista OS’s (XP and Server 2003) solved.

Managing autodesk network licenses using OpenLM Software


OpenLM Software provides management tools for FLEXlm licensed Autodesk licenses. Many sites that use Autodesk software are also using OpenLM software for managing the use of Network Licenses (ADLM) also called concurrent or floating licenses.

OpenLM is not only a management software, it actively helps CAD managers and system administrators to get more usage out of their existing pool of Autodesk Network licenses.

The software functionality

OpenLM provides the full set of management tools required by CAD managers and system administrators for managing Autodesk network licenses.

Some of the common tasks in license management are:

  • Managing the existing license inventory.
  • Checking existing active sessions.
  • Removing hang-up licenses and releasing idle sessions.
  • Collecting usage time for users, groups and projects.
  • Generating usage reports and charts.
  • Planning future purchase of licenses.
  • Helping users to get the licenses they need.

A good license management software will allow the user to perform this functionality. A very good software does more:

  • Provides a friendly interface that runs on any standard browser.
  • Allows a system administrator to save and close an Autodesk software remotely.
  • Allows the synchronization of users and groups information with Active Directory.
  • Support billing policy for groups or projects.
  • Allows the editing of FLEXlm option files using a graphical UI.
  • Automatically detects and closes idle licenses when licenses are needed.
  • Provides “License Availability Notifications” for users that were denied of licenses.
  • Empowers end users to help themselves and by that save administration hours.

Why is it important to close idle sessions of Autodesk software

Users tend to grab an Autodesk network license from the license pool, for example, Autodesk Autocad, Autodesk Revit or other licenses. They may use it for while and then use other applications or leave their workstation and go away.

OpenLM constantly monitors the license usage of the Autodesk network licenses. When the requirement for license is high OpenLM starts closing idle licenses in order to assure that every user will receive the license he needs.

From our experience, organizations can achieve 40% more usage out of their existing license pool using this functionality.

How can I get OpenLM for Autodesk software?

The fully functional software can be downloaded from OpenLM website.

Which Autodesk software is supported?

AutoCad, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD MAP 3D, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD Navisworks, AutoCAD Revit and more.

“OpenLM Enable” your custom application using Floating Licensing


Software companies provide developers the ability to incorporate their functionality in custom application. When these components use floating licensing there is a need to assure that the software uses the licenses in a smart way.

OpenLM provides a technology that allows companies to get more out of their existing license pool. The principal is that the license is automatically released back to the license pool when the application is not in use. OpenLM provides a ready made solution for software systems such ESRI ArcGIS and Autodesk software. Integration of OpenLM functionality into custom application based on components from these companies is easy and provides huge benefits.

How does it work

OpenLM is a modular software that was designed in several layers. The most significant layers are:

  • OpenLM Server
  • OpenLM Agent
  • OpenLM Extension

OpeLM Server is the mastermind that holds the brains of the software. It is the coordinator between the license manager and all other components of the OpenLM application (such as easyadmin, OpenLM,Agent, OpenLM Broker etc..).

OpenLM Agent is the the agent that resides at the end-user’s workstation and it is in charge of the communicating channel with OpenLM Server. The agent connects periodically with the server and receives instructions according to the policies that were defined at the server’s console.

OpenLM Extension is a piece of software that is attached to the software that is monitored by OpenLM. An example to such software can be ESRI Desktop ArcGIS (also ArcEngine applications) or Autodesk Autocad. The extension inspects the activity of the monitored software and reports it to OpenLM Server by using OpenLM Agent communication services.

Openlm Extension reports parameters like software idleness or CPU consumption. It also responds to server originated orders like “Shut down”. When the monitored software is idle and the licence  it consumes is required, The server sends shutdown command which the Extension needs to carry on.

What do I need to do in order to incorporate OpenLM’s capabilities in my software?

In order to “OpenLM enable” your software, you need to create your own Extension. It is much simpler than you may imagine since you only need to implement the top layer of the Extension.
As mentioned before, OpenLM software is modular and the Extension is also built as several layers:

  • Communication layer – in charge of communication with OpenLM Agent.
  • Monitoring layer – measures the software’s status (IO, CPU, idleness).
  • Janitor layer – provides system data (like software name and provider names) and performs instructions that are sent from the server (such as: “Save and shutdown current state”).

The first two layers already exist. You need to implement only the Janitor layer.

In code, it is much simpler:

  1. Reference “OpenLM_Extension” dll.
  2. Create a class that implements “OpenLM.Extension.IOpenLMExtension” interface. The main function to implement is “ShutDown” function which is in charge of closing the software.
    Note: the developer can override the Server’s ruling and decide against OpenLM Server advice.
  3. Instantiate this object on application startup.

Code samples for ESRI Desktop ArcGIS versions 9.3 and 10 (with FLEXnet FLEXlm license manager) can be found on our website downloads area.