OpenLM at Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference 2014

OpenLM will be a featured exhibitor at the upcoming Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference in London England November 6-7 2014 at the Conference Centre.

OpenLM is a leading solution provider for the management and monitoring of floating licenses with a large number of our clientele in the gas and energy industries. We are able to support such software applications such WellCAD, Trinity 3D, OpendTect among a long list of many others.

We look forward to meeting you this coming November 6-7. Please stop by booth number seven and speak to us face-to-face regarding the progress at OpenLM.

Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference 2014

What Flexnet version is ESRI ArcGIS using ?

OpenLM monitors FlexLM license managers, for improved Application usage management. Historically – OpenLM was written by ArcGIS users for ArcGIS users, and it is an ESRI partner.

As such, we in OpenLM receive many queries about ESRI ArcGis licensing, one of which is: “What Flexnet publisher version is my ESRI ArcGis using ?”

Well – ESRI has written it all down in this post.

ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 version published


ESRI has recently published the ArcGIS 10.1 SP 1 patch version.
This release contains a list of bug fixes and enhanced performance.

Relevant to OpenLM users:

One fix is related to the desktop’s license borrowing capability:
NIM060359: High Latency/Low Bandwidth connections including VPNs may prevent license borrowing.

OpenLM compatibility

OpenLM has already installed and tested the patch with OpenLM Server and Agent version 1.7. No compatibility issues were found.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade of ESRI ArcGIS to the 10. SP1 version, please contact OpenLM:

Flexera FLEXnet license management implementation in ESRI ArcGIS 10

Licensing ArcGIS version 10

It is a common misconception that migrating to ArcGIS version 10 replaces the licensing software. This is incorrect; ESRI has only upgraded the old FLEXlm version to a newer one. The FLEXlm licensing software has gone through many changes during the passed several years, and is now called FLEXera FLEXnet for publishers. For every practical term – it is still the same good old FLEXlm software.

The main changes

The main changes that have been implemented in the ESRI ArcGIS licensing scheme include:

  • The FLEXlm (Flexnet) license management tool was upgraded from version 7.* to version 11.6.
  • The license file was replaced with trusted storage, in order to enhance security.
  • The FLEXlm LMTOOLS UI is not provided with the ESRI ArcGIS 10 package. ESRI provides it’s own management tools.
  • Borrowing licenses is made possible in ESRI ArcGIS 10.


Some problems have appeared in FlexLM reporting alongside these changes:

  • Due to the use of FLEXera trusted storage some imporant FLEXlm management tools are malfunctioning, for example, lmutil.
  • The FlexLM ‘lmremove’ utility has been omitted from the pool of license management commands. This is a known ESRI ArcGIS version 10 issue.
  • ArcGIS 10 monitors Borrowed licenses on its proprietary interface. The license output file tends to be inaccurate when it comes to reporting Borrowed licenses. The Identity of the users who borrowed licenses is also concealed from the output file.

Effect of these issues on OpenLM

These issues have imposed several limitations on the capabilities of OpenLM when interfacing ESRI ArcGIS 10.

  • Instead of the old ‘linger’ license output-file line, Borrowed licenses are marked with the “ACTIVATED LICENSE” line. These lines’ syntax excludes the identity of the user who borrowed the licenses.
  • The output-file lmutil lmstat information regarding license borrowing is inaccurate; “ACTIVATED LICENSE” lines are multiplied, effectively increasing the number of licenses reported as borrowed.
  • The absence of the “lmremove” utility implies that the ArcGIS license can not be removed, thus application the use of the “Suspend and Resume” method is not possible in OpenLM. Also, for the same reason, the “License removal” button in the “Active products” window is not functional.

The OpenLM Advantage

The OpenLM Active Agent may still “Save and Close” the ArcGIS 10 extension enabled application. This is regardless of the omission of the “lmremove” command. The closure process employs the applications’ own closure APIs, sent by the Active Agent, and applied by the OpenLM extension. Closing ArcGIS 10 may also be done via the “Close Application” button on EasyAdmin’s “Active Products” window.

This makes OpenLM the only solution for remotely saving & closing ArcGIS 10.

ArcGIS 10.0, Service Pack 3


In their blog dating September 09 2011, ESRI has announced the upcoming release of ArcGIS’s Service Pack 3. This Service Pack is due in October 2011, and deals with a long list of enhancements and fixed issues.


Please take a look at the ArcGIS blog space for the ArcGIS Service Pack 3 item:

And at the list of fixes and enhancements :

Items of interest in respect to OpenLM:

  • NIM066475: ArcGIS Desktop Administrator is unable to return borrowed licenses if DNS resolution is required to reach the license manager.

  • NIM065008: Running a geoprocessing tool using background geoprocessing causes license error in ArcEngine 10.0

Updates to the ArcGIS 10 and ArcGIS 10.1 deprecation plan


Well – The new ArcGIS 10.0 and 10.1 versions are already on deprecation schedule. ESRI has announced the deprecation of these versions, and blogged a plan to go with it.

The highlights are:

  • ArcGIS 10.0 is the last release with full Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support. With ArcGIS 10.1 we will no longer support VBA development.

  • ArcGIS 10.0 is the last release that the ArcObjects SDK for Microsoft .NET will support Visual Studio 2008.

  • ArcGIS 10.0 is the last planned release of ArcInfo Workstation.


You can read all about the updated deprecation plan on ArcGIS’s blog site:

Please make sure to keep up-to-date on the product and platform support plans. the latest version is apparently on:

OpenLM and ESRI Data Interoperabilty Version 10

During the last few month we received complains about ArcCatalog vesion 10 crashing when the ESRI Data Interoperabilty and OpenLM Active Agent are installed on the same machine. The problem was caused by an Esri BUG that received the number NIM067133.

ESRI solved this issue in Data Interoperability Extension for ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2 published this week. Please install the patch on your earliest convenience.

ArcGIS Software Bug/Problem: “The ArcGIS Desktop Administrator does not connect to ArcGIS License Manager 9.3 while it is connected through VPN or network speeds are slow”


You must not panic when you see above mentioned issue during the process of ArcGIS license-claiming from ArcGIS License Manager 9.3. This is a software bug mostly observed in all level of ArcGIS software ver9.3; earlier releases of this software did not observe this problem but following mentioned all levels observed this issue.

  • ArcGISArcEditor 9.3
  • ArcGIS – ArcInfo 9.3
  • ArcGIS – ArcView 9.3 & 9.3.1
  • ArcInfo Workstation 9.3

All of the above software modules observe this problem while operating on following Windows Operating systems.

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Vista

This bug is identified by the ID ‘NIM037135’ and FlexNet licensing error ID “-15,570” which is shown in the error report/message returned against licensing request to the server. Following error message is returned with related details:

The name of the server and license path may vary as per network configuration. The error numbering scheme will be -15 and followed by 570 after comma; this is ArcGIS error reporting format.

Reasons for error:

This happens mostly in following two conditions when network/concurrent licensing scheme for ArcGIS is implemented.

  • The connection between server and license requesting machine is through VPN.
  • The connection is either Dial-up or a slow ISDN/DSL one.


There is a stepwise process to resolve this issue of the software through modification of the environment variables in the Windows operating systems. The network or server client messages take certain time to process and reach at their destinations. Therefore, the waiting time of the program for communication response to reach is set a bit larger to resolve this issue on the windows OS. Stepwise procedure is given below:

  • Right click My Computer and choose properties.
  • On system property dialogue box choose advanced tab.
  • Click on the environment Variables
  • On environment variable dialogue box choose system variables field and hit the new button
  • A new system variable dialogue box with two fields appears; put “FLEXLM_TIMEOUT” in variable name and put 1000000 in variable value field
  • .Click OK on all three dialogue boxes to close them
  • Launch the ArcGIS 9.3 program

If the problem still persists then, repeat above mentioned procedure with an increase the variable value in the multiples of 1000000 micro seconds and reach to the value which gives you satisfactory communication results.

ESRI Announcement – ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2 Now Available for Download

ESRI announced the availability of ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2 for download.

This service pack contains some changes to the ESRI ArcGIS License Manager (FLEXlm/FLEXnet based):

  • NIM064547 – The offline authorization of concurrent use licenses might result in a loss of licenses.
  • NIM064730 – Borrowing fails if a license manager has expired licenses even if a valid licenses exist on the license manager.
  • NIM064966 – The offline authorization for the License Manager needs to be modified so that it’s only a one step process.
  • NIM065544 – The Software Authorization Wizard fails to refresh license counts on authorization requests even after correction

OpenLM has tested the service pack and found that the current release of OpenLM Active agent (1.6) is compatible with ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2. ESRI ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2 can be installed on-top of the existing ArcGIS version and OpenLM Active Agent functionality is fully preserved.