Get more out of your floating licenses

OpenLM is a complete floating license management solution designed to optimize the use of licensed software: more production for lower cost.
OpenLM is made to harvest idle licenses, and improve license utilization of any organization: big or small.

Who was the OpenLM Utilizer Designed For?

Unlike other license management systems that only offer administration and license monitoring statistics, the OpenLM Utilizer optimizes license usage in a unique manner that provides all personnel with useful license-related functions.

Organization managers:

  • Know what you have: Inventory.
  • Plan license maintenance and procurement of expensive licenses.
  • Charge projects or business units for software usage time.
  • Cut costs by dropping maintenance for licenses that are no longer in use.

Administrator view:

  • Real time license usage management
  • Alerts – Real time troubleshooting
  • Extract usage statistics information and patterns as reports or charts.
  • Roles and Permissions: Grant licenses according to specific Users’ permissions. Enforce concurrent License restriction.

End User View:

  • End users are not kept in the dark. They are informed about the status of denied licenses.
  • Receive a License availability notification when a license becomes vacant.
  • Who is using the license I need?
  • What is this person’s contact details?

Supported features

License managers:

  • OpenLM interfaces a wide variety of license managers, e.g.: FLEXlm / Flexnet, IBM LUM, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel HASP, RLM, DSLS and other leading license managers.
  • OpenLM supports Concurrent monitoring of multiple license servers on multiple time zones.
  • OpenLM supports management of Floating, Node-locked and Borrowed licenses.

Monitoring capabilities:

  • Easily review license inventory in real time.
  • Extract license activity reports, with configurable resolution.
  • Receive FLEXlm reports, statistics and charting (FLEXnet reports).
  • Receive Billing reports for any time period, per user or software (FLEXbill capabilities).


  • OpenLM may work over WAN and LAN networks.
  • OpenLM employs a web-based user interface that works with any supported browser.
  • A Mobile interface application enhances monitoring abilities for system administrators.
  • OpenLM may interface license managers that run on UNIX, Linux, or Windows’ Operating systems
  • OpenLM supports both external and embedded databases.

Proactive capabilities:

  • Release orphan licenses with a single mouse click.
  • Query users and licenses from any workstation.

Other features

  • A customizable alert system
  • An open, detailed API

OpenLM Architecture

OpenLM’s basic software package includes the core OpenLM Server module and its user interface; the OpenLM EasyAdmin module. In addition to these core components, the OpenLM Broker, OpenLM Alerts module and the OpenLM Utilizer Agent modules are also incorporated in the basic software package.

The OpenLM Server

is the core element of the OpenLM system. It integrates the functionality of all other peripheral system components, such as the OpenLM EasyAdmin, OpenLM Agent, OpenLM Alerts, and OpenLM Broker. The OpenLM Server is implemented as a Windows service and could be installed on any network machine.

OpenLM EasyAdmin

An HTTP based application that can run on any machine in your network. EasyAdmin is the reporting and management interface of OpenLM. It facilitates extraction of lisence usage statistics, and usage repots, as well as the control and optimization of license usage.

OpenLM Agent

An optional component that can be installed on any machine on the network. The Agent enables end users to query license availability and find who is using the license they need at any point in time.

OpenLM Alerts

is a dedicated alerting service for the OpenLM system. This module alerts system administrators when predefined conditions are met.

OpenLM Broker

is an optional server component that runs on the license server machine. The Broker performs tasks as dictated by OpenLM Server, and is required in order to provide advanced licensing information and sophisticated abilities.

OpenLM Screenshots

Watch the OpenLM EasyAdmin screenshots on the OpenLM site.

Want to evaluate the software ?

You can get the most updated version of OpenLM Utilizer from our OpenLM downloads area. After filling in your name and email – you’d be directed to the Downloads section. The Installation process is easy and straightforward, but if you still need any assistance – Please send an email to, and we’ll be glad to help.

Generating custom reports using Excel spreadsheet

OpenLM system provides many built-in reports such as:
Group and Project usage
Usage level reports (report and chart)
License denial reports (supported for FLEXnet FLEXlm license manager)
Active users
And more…

Managers always require more reports and OpenLM provides an easy way to generate custom reports by using OpenLM EasyAdmin ability to export information in a CSV format and to process the information using a spreadsheet software.

The process starts by creating the query that will define which information will be exported out of OpenLM system. EasyAdmin provides a unique and easy to use tool that allows the user to define the exact information needed. The user can filter the query by: server name, vendor name, features, users, groups, projects, time and even working days.

After defining the query the information will be displayed in EasyAdmin, using the export button located below the grid the information can be exported to a CSV file that can be easily imported into the spreadsheet software.

The user can also save the filter created for future use by using the “Funnel” icon.

The reports generated this way are available for any of the supported license managers like: FLEXnet, FLEXlm, IBM LUM, Sentinel RMS, SafeNet HASP, RLM and more.

Generating a Unique Daily Users Report

The unique daily user report allow companies to know who is consuming the network licenses every day. In order to create this example we have used Autocad network licenses (from Autodesk).

The usage information is exported in CSV format from the EasyAdmin->License Activity TAB.

The action is demonstrated in OpenLM Version 1.7 and Microsoft Excel Version 2010.

1. Using  ‘Easy Admin’ interface: Click Start -> Reports -> License Activity.
The filter on the left can be used in order to create the query for the report. After creating the query and clicking the “Apply” button, click the “Export” button (The small icon with green arrow at the bottom of the grid).  Save the generated CSV file on the disk.

2. Open the CSV file using Microsoft Excel.

3. Make a copy of the “Start Time” column in order to remove the hour component from the field.

4. Select the new column, click on “Data-> Text To Columns”  on the menu of Microsoft Excel, a window will pop:

1. Select “Delimited”’ and click “Next”.

2. Choose the ‘Space’ box and click next

3. Select ‘Text’ and click Finish

5. Three new columns has been created as a result of the process we did (columns which detail the date, the time & the daily time zone – AM/PM ).

We only need the column with the date.

Delete the other two columns and change the name of the column (The dates column)  to ‘Date Usage’


6. Select the column ‘Date Usage’ and right click the mouse in order to select the ‘Format Cell’ option from the menu. A window will open –  select ‘Date’ from the ‘Category’ list and click ‘OK’


7. Select all columns (CTRL+A) , click on ‘Insert’ ( in  Microsoft Excel menu ) and  on PivotTable.

Select the ‘New Worksheet’ on the ‘Create PivotTable’ window that will pop up and click ‘OK’.

A new worksheet will be created.


8. On the right side of the screen you will see all your columns( under ‘PivotTable Field List’ )

Drag first the ‘Date Usage’ field  with the mouse to the ’Row Labels’ box and then drag the ‘User Name’ field  to the ‘Row Labels’ box.


The example report shows the unique users that consumed licenses for each day. In the example report some days lists one user, for example 03/04/2011. On the 14/03/2011 we had two unique users.

Generating a Group Usage Report for Projects

The following report lists the total number of license usage hours each group investing for each project. Such a report can be useful for billing purposes or in order to support managerial decisions.

OpenLM provides two built in reports: Project usage report and Group usage report. this custom reports integrates the two reports together.

1. Perform steps 1-7 (listed above in the previous report).

2. On the right side of the screen you will see all your columns’ names ( under ‘PivotTable Field List’ ). Drag the ‘Project’ field to the ’Row Labels’ box and then drag the  ‘Group’ field  to the same box as shown in the following image.

3. Drag the ‘Count Of Usage Time’ field into the ‘Values’ box. The result will be generated automatically:

We can see that the GISteam group used 31 hours of Autocad network licensed software for the “City Plan” project and the “GISSpecial” only used 1 hour for the “Environment” project.


Generating a Feature (licensed software) Usage Report for Projects

The following report lists the products (licensed software, features in FLEXlm) used on each project. Such a report can be useful for billing purposes or in order to support managerial decisions.

1.Perform steps 1-7 (listed above).

2. On the right side of the screen you will see all your columns’ names ( under the ‘PivotTable Field List’ ),drag  the ‘project’ field  to the ’Row Labels’ box and then drag the ‘Product’ field to the same box as shown in the following image.

In this example we have used information from an ESRI ArcGIS license manager. In the report we can see the list of features used for the “City Plan” project. We can se the use of base licenses such as ArcView and ArcInfo or extensions such as 3DAnalyst network license.

Generating a Feature Usage Chart

The following chart shows the total number of users that used specific license (feature).

1. Perform steps 1-6 (listed above).

2. Select all columns (CTRL+A) , click on ‘Insert’ (Microsoft Excel menu) and choose the ‘PivotChart’ option from the ‘PivotTable’ menu as shown in the following image.

3. Select ‘New Worksheet’ on the ‘Create PivotTable with PivotChart ’ window that will pop and click ‘OK’. A new work sheet will be created.

4.  On the right side of the screen you will see all your columns (under the ‘PivotTable Field List’). Drag the ‘Product’ field to the ‘Legend Fields’ box and then drag the ‘User Name’ field to the ‘Values’ box.
This  automatically will generate a chart of the number of users that used each license, As shown in the following image.


This article explains how to generate custom reports and charts by using OpenLM export functionality and a spreadsheet software. OpenLM system allows the user to generate a query and to export the information to a CSV file that can be further processed by the spreadsheet software.
The article demonstrated the creation of sevelral reports such as: Unique Daily Users Report, Group Usage Report for Projects, Feature (licensed software) Usage Report for Projects and Feature Usage Chart.